How I Will Control the Universe (I Have the Theory of Everything. Prove me wrong)

Yin and Yang. Control and Free Will. The two opposing forces of nature. Everything has an opposite.

I know how the universe began. I know why it continues, I know why it will die, and I know what happens when it does.
Am I a wizard? No, not yet, but I'm starting to believe in magic. And I have science to back me up. I think I've stumbled upon the theory of everything, and I'm going to do my best to back it up.
I love discussion of such a subject, and this only lends credence to every religion and mystical practice in the world, while also making Scientists/Atheists shake to their very core. I have been an agnostic, but I see now on a deeper level. Prove me wrong. I will take over this universe, and I will create my own.
Phenomenological approach

Magical thinking. One phenomenological model is Gilbert Lewis's, which is that "habit is unthinking." He believes that those practicing magic do not think of an explanatory theory behind their actions any more than the average person tries to grasp the pharmaceutical workings of aspirin.[22] When the average person takes an aspirin, he does not know how the medicine chemically functions. He takes the pill with the premise that there is proof of efficacy. Similarly, many who avail themselves of magic do so without feeling the need to understand a causal theory behind it.
One of the reasons I still believe more in science is because, even though we're all experiencing the same plane of existence, all our realities overlap. Our reality bubbles interact with all, on the smallest level to the biggest. We're all in it to take up more space, get more information. We want to control all, dominate all, and there will always be one who wants domination on some level, and Will Power will be the deciding factor.
Let's just assume everything in the universe has a consciousness. And I mean everything, completely. And when everything communicates, it makes a collective conscious. As in, each atom acts in a certain way, when they collect together, make some sort of element, and that element acts in a certain way, it's own personality. They harmonize.

The mind of god holds all information in it and has access to it all at the same time, but that shit is boring, so once it, or "god," or whatever species of demigod (who was once an entire species that has joined and evolved together) destroys itself and recreates the universe. It plays the game of evolution and life again, but will the rules be the same next time? Will gravity be stronger or weaker in the new universe? Will the same laws of physics apply? I don't think an explosion would be the same a second time. Life will form in new ways, maybe the spirits of dinosaurs will be smarter this time, then Dino people will evolve as a society and then transcend and so on and so forth.

What if we become the sun? The black hole is an anomaly. When you know all, then you have no further need to learn, you must use all you learn to then create. It goes back to boredom. Black holes inverse and becomes a new universe, using anything it can suck in as fuel and energy for it's creation.

Or, what if black holes are the exit from this universe and they lead to the center of a star? Makes sense, right? When matter goes in one end, the gravity crushes everything so much pressed and converted to energy that it punches through the fabric of space, then hydrogen atoms gather around and feed off of whatever comes out from the center. They're small and fast and they love to create light/ they also shit radiation. Stars are alive.

Christians fear the one who will unite the world, because it will be he who will be the only one left. In a way. OK, all minds are connected. Now, we most likely will create a Cosmic Human Consciousness, and that means the loss of individuality. It means we will create one being who has all of our memories and experiences, an ultra humanoid, who's reach will extend into all machines and biological life that is connected to it, all consuming, all encompassing, and we will have evolved, and we will travel between worlds and meet other species that have evolved, and we will combine and share our minds and so on and zoo forth until the end of the universe.

You get where I'm going with this, right? It's cyclical! It all comes around again, and when we come back, we'll have another chance! If we realize our past mistakes, otherwise we'll just keep repeating the same shit like idiots. And it's backed up by science.

Can one unlock the deep recesses of the mind? Through pure thought and concentration, meditation, you can communicate to every atom in your body, and with enlightenment, you can communicate with every quantum string and everything within your body, extending your reach through the energy and light your body gives off. you can control the objects around you, your mind can reach out and change the physical world.

The gods that failed, the ones who wanted to unite the world, to create a cosmic consciousness whereby they could become the all knowing ONE. The God complex, there is one in every age who tries to unite the people and become their leader. his way of thinking will lead the others, and they together join and create the One consciousness. This is true of every human, and every cell that makes us up. everything in our body is working together in perfect harmony, leading to the one you call yourself. I am he who is called I am. And from that world, they create a new one, usually for the betterment of humanity. Because evolution is all about getting better. I do not fear the one who will unite us all, it could be any one of us. If the will is strong enough, you can become the leader. Who, ultimately will become immortal and reach to the next level of consciousness.

We want life, because we've made it to the top. from our beginnings from time, we've made it to a really amazing level. Life likes to have it good.

Finding the human kernel, "the body's god" the leader who controls all, you are the consciousness, somewhere housed in the mind.

Understanding the Gods. All life have personalities, behaviors, only one state at a time can exist at a given moment, like taking pictures of static, through domination of pure will, you can control the sttates, the wills of all particles within your body, through touch to other physical objects, or by sending your will out into the photons your body emits. possibly wrong. your will can only interact with another observers, they have to perceive what you could possibly be doing, possibly all matter and antimatter has a will and life and can observe

Animism encompasses the belief that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical (or material) world, and souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in all other animals, plants, rocks, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment,[16] including thunder, wind, and shadows. Animism may further attribute souls to abstract concepts such as words, true names, or metaphors in mythology. Examples of animism can be found in forms of Shinto, Serer, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Pantheism, Paganism, and Neopaganism.

The implications are incredible, it means, the quantum energy of a person can be controlled, like exercising a muscle. It means, through touch, quantum transference is possible. Can a mystical object contain quantum information from someone who has once touched it? If a quantum dot can be in all states at once, but chooses only one state at a time, then memory can be held in objects, feelings, energy. It is why people are afraid of certain houses, places events, objects. smells hold memories, when you smell something, the quantum memory attached to it is stored in your brain and experienced again by your conscious thought. The theory of quantum entanglement supports this. It quite possibly happens in nature between objects frequently, based upon the law of contagion.

What are we doing when we smash atoms? We're destroying an entire world. And then all these little people fly out all over the place, and they all act in their certain little personalities and we study as much as we can about them before they die, and when we learn how they act, then we can see their likes and dislikes, what feeds them, what cancels them out, what attracts and repels them. Then we can control them through science (or willpower) and control the basic fundamentals of nature. Or is that too despotic? Maybe we can coax them all to work the way we want them to.

All rocks are different, and have been to different places and enjoyed different states of reality. They are ultimate survivors, they will be here when all moving breathing life is gone.
What if the devil is truly in the details? Scientific theory of smallness trying to gain control of bigness, bigness gives answers when we speak loud enough, small things do too, but both are vying for your will. You must maintain control, Survival of the fittest. Darwin.  Microscopic, macroscopic: all obey life's basic rules, Maslow's hierarchy.

It even explains the movement of astral bodies. Asteroids are actually obeying life's rules and looking for a planet to inseminate with delicious chemical ingredients necessary for life. Panspermia.

This is a very very sloppy copy of my random thoughts, but I want you to discuss my ideas and pass this along to anybody who you think might be interested. I'm researching and organizing my thoughts and ideas more, so I will post more ideas as they come to me. I hope I blew some minds.


  1. I don't think anyone would ever take this seriously... It honestly seems like you were high on shrooms when you wrote it.

    Please finish your research and organization BEFORE posting your ideas, because all I see is a wall of text sputtering nonsense and hypothetical ideas.

    1. the problem with humanity is this. instead of discouraging out-of-the-box thinking, why not discuss the different points and try to further scientific and metaphysical theory? if not for everyone, perhaps just yourself.

  2. What is the opposite of pungent?

  3. What's the opposite of 9?

  4. The opposite of 9 is -9.

  5. No. Really. The text is fine, the problem is it doesn't go out from "let's just assume, then from the assumption, it makes sense".

    Your ideas are pretty good and interesting (although it is not really nothing new), but you'll need a little more of Ockham's razor before asking for refutation.

  6. sounds like LSD thinking

  7. This is really interesting, creative thinking. I bet you could write an awesome science fiction novel or comic book based on this idea.

    Wouldn't place too much confidence in it being true, though. It's all very speculative, but interesting nonetheless. Fun to think about.

  8. I like your theory, although some of it is somehow contradicting itself. You should also consider that souls are somewhat comparable to information, and not something that is present in every form of matter. I think it's also safe to say that God is nature, and since everything in nature is composed of atoms, we can also say that God in fact is all of us, that everything around is a piece of our God.. By the way, I'm not referring to the God you read in ancient books..

  9. So how is this new or scientific or even.. how does it 'explain the universe'? I read it a few times, and I cannot find anything in your text that explains something. All I read is speculation, questions, nothing you could prove to be true or even check somehow. Maybe you're not a big fan of 'the scientific method', but it really makes sense to have your ideas tested by others. As long as you don't formulate your ideas to be tested by others, you can say whatever you want, but it will never 'cut wood' (if you know that expression)... it just remains 'arbitrary philosophy', otherwise also known as bullshit.

    'I will blurt something out, and now I challenge you to prove it wrong' is not science, when the blurting is bullshit and not formulated to be tested at all, you know. Indeed, bullshit cannot be proven wrong.. that's one of the major problems with bullshit (or any ill-formulated ideas which cannot be shown to be right or wrong), but you should always keep in mind that this does not suddenly convert the bullshit into truth (or untruth, for that matter)... it just stays bullshit... as in 'arbitrary information'. Good luck with that!
    Let me know when you take over the universe... meanwhile, I will eat some cake or something.

  10. I think the universe has no end. In fact we can imagine the whole universe is made up of small universes filled up with galaxies. And these universes might add up to form something else, may be a being.
    But according to a philosophy, one's mind is the universe itself. This means that each and every living being has a different perspective of the world around them. There fore the best thing to explore is not far away but within. BUT I'm mot saying it's easy but cultivating a strong and peaceful mind can reveal a lot that is hidden but so close.
    S for the last time, making it simple, become a person who doesn't hurt or hard any living being, try to say good words and avoid lying, no sexual misconduct, and no alcohol, smoking or any drugs. These practices will reveal the universe in no time. You'll see, and it's so practical.

  11. Oh my goodness, this is the embodiment of a society that allows individuals with sub-human intellectual capacity to constantly pass through and be repeatedly rewarded for "creative thinking." Because no one wanted to get fired or suspended and lose a paycheck, no one bothered to tell the person who wrote this at some point that they were just not genetically gifted enough to bother with such subjects. In a more honest society, this person should be a dry cleaning operator or perhaps a fisherman. Unfortunately he/she was rewarded though for being creative, and encouraged to "think outside the box" by other uncaring morons. This hurts society. Thus I am here to do you a big favor: I will be honest to you - you are, in fact, a moron. You demonstrate almost no understanding of physics, quantum mechanics, string theory, relativity, etc etc. You should stop doing this, it helps no one. Just know you that you are a moron.


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